T. ogether

E. ach

A. chieves

M. ore

Gary Busey


I`m a firm believer of teamwork, so alone, this is NOT going to work. Fishing in the pool of like-minded individuals is not going to create a strong diverse team either. So, please talk about this with your friends/family. Not sure, have questions? Please reach out! We want YOU!

You are our complementary team-member valueing structure, focus & action. If creating a circle of trust is your second nature, you can become a cofounder. Have a finance/marketing/sales background, and you’re a go-getter? BINGO!

Don’t fit the complete profile but you like our concept? Please hit like or share, this means the world to us, or even better: reach out!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Want to see/hear more like-minded individuals of winning teams? Below some well documented teams. The best of the best, sharing their secret sauce.

1983 Australia – breaks a 130+ yrs winning streak
Nims Purja – greatest climbing team ever
2003 Oakland Athletics defy the odds
Great teamwork by the Tuohy’s
‘98 Chicago Bulls – Basketball greatest team ever
1999 undefeated Richmond High basketball learns about teamwork
2008-2012 Barcelona – Pep Guardiola
Red Army – Icehockey greatest team ever
1932: Change the game to inspire a nation
7 Days Out: top TEAMs in top events

Got tips about other teams? Let us know!

We are 1 team

We’re all part of this 1 planet we call our home. We believe tomorrow will be today. It sure is « An inconvenient truth – Al Gore 2006 ». Believing in ‘results speak for themselves’, we take the first easy steps. We make sure our actions are at least climate neutral, by donating JustDiggit (a Dutch start-up) to reforest the sub-Sahara. We also ban single-use plastics on-board to create awareness for our oceans and fish we eat. #MissionBlue

We help you take the first steps. There’s a ton of initiatives out there to help you take the first (easy) steps and even save you money. Want to know more? Reach out!


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