Step 1: Reach out!

We listen to you. What do you want (your TEAMs/board) to reach?

We make you an honest tailored offer that suits you the best.

Step 2: YOU

Experience handpicked colleague CEO’s on an active 4 day workation. You get to work everyday to keep in touch with your business, exercise to keep your body in top shape, training to learn new things and relaxing time for networking. Meet colleagues for life.

Ski workation

February ‘24

Sail workation

Wed. 13 – Sat. 16 September ‘23

Golf workation

Sun. 7 – Thu. 11 May ‘23

Contact us for more info.

Step 3: TEAM

To get a better you, you build a better TEAM. Training around the paradox of together AND one, potential for gold as a whole. Dependent on your inner drives, you get assigned a task within the (sub)team(s). April 1st until October 30th, we can take your TEAM/board sailing


Safety briefing, sailing theory and agreements for the day.

We use to get everything accros fast and effective.

Dress to impress

You get the opportunity to wear foulweather gear, worn by the pros, such that you can show up as a real one team.

Semantics look like secondary, but they are not.

All on board!

Quick recap of the safety briefing and the sailing theory. Off we go.

Timed manoeuvres or a real sailing racetrack show results of a top TEAM.

Sailing is like running a TEAM/a business: you have different functions, agreements need to be made, a goal to be chosen and articulated, focus and action are key. Only teams that have respect for past results and each one on the team will grow above the top teams.

Step 4: Drinks & food

Each of our events take time for evaluation. What have we learned? What will I do different next time/on the job?

Might be hard? We do this with time to reflect, splendid food and drinks. This creates a natural atmosphere to build on past results. Food for thought.

Step 5: Follow-up

That was fun! What have we done since we’re back in day-to-day business?

We (help you) follow-up for real results and records in your company.

It’s a privilige to become your life-long partner.