Peter Delva

Sectors: Aerospace, Petrochemical, Logistics, Automotive & suppliers, Machine manuf, SaaS

Expertise: Quality, Logistics, Engineering, R&D, HR, Change/LEAN, 6 sigma, IT, Operations

Interests: Sailing, Windsurfing, Squash, Icehockey coach, AI

Willem Van Nevel

Sectors: Aerospace, Trade, Automotive, Heavy Utility vehicles, Extrusion, Start-up

Expertise: Logistics, Time studies & balancing, Multi-site Operations, Sales, European holding projects, High Growth firms

Interests: Soccer, Cycling, Tennis

Charlotte Debeuf

Sectors: ICT, Trucks, Electronics

Expertise: HR: management, department start-up, recruitment & on-boarding, policies & procedures, L&D, coaching, law, talent & performance management, HRIS tech, employee relations, transition management, ...

Eddy Claeys

Sectors: Automotive, Logistics, Surface treatment, Packaging, Supplier Development, Training

Expertise : Lean, SMED, Quality, Standardization, Time studies, Lay-out, ISO, China, Stock reduction, Work place optimization,

Interests : 20th century History, Cycling, Cooking

Yoshiki Shimamura

Sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices

Expertise: Clinical development, P/L + Project + KOL management, Medical affairs, Regulatory affairs, Sales, Marketing, Japan
TA: Oncology, Ophthalmology

Interests: playing electric guitar, composing, singing

Tamara Van Herrewege

Sectors: Automotive, Education, Printing

Expertise: Execution, Practical/Shop Floor Implementation, Organisational Development, Long Term results, Team work, Coaching, Training

Interests: Cooking, Running

Elmar Dermaut

Sectors: Automotive, Arts, IT

Expertise: LEAN, Production Mgr., Quality, product launch, IT

Interests: Rotaract, Graphical design, indoor football

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