Don’t want to know how, but what we know?

You’ve seen hundreds of candidates without the needed experience fail? Don’t believe in the outsider, the all conquering rookie, …?

Pretty fair YOU want to know our experiences. We’ll post our knowledge base on here, building it gradually. In the mean time, you’ll find some references on our CEO.

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An easy “cleanliness” tool to implement

Want some basic LEAN experience? Many garages, bakeries, industrial giants, maintenance departments have implemented 5S (known as “cleanliness”, but so much more). The below video is straightforward to easily implement this in your company and save tons of time.

Click HERE for the video

To sustain the level, feel free to contact us for some tips & tricks.

Lead-time reduction is key


One piece flow, flow efficiency or how 1 x 7 is less than 7 x 1.

At Toyota in the 1960’s, they figured there are 7+1 wastes, see below picture:

Doing the math and balancing those, there is only one way to be cost-efficient and build a qualitative superior product that will outsmart the competition on the customers’ needs: one piece flow. There’s a nice video about it below.

Courtesy: Niklas Modig, Tedx

As you can see in the video, one-piece-flow is NOT necessarily or only a fully automated production line!