‘’It’s lonely at the top.’’

William Shakespeare – Henry IV

Mary Barra – CEO General Motors creating an amazing turnaround

You have people complaining or (quiet) quitting?

You need to upgrade your product, process and/or branding?

The environment we operate in, is getting tougher and tougher.

What about you?

In the past

You had consultants or managers in your office to have a sparring partner.

If you’re lucky, you have a board of directors/advice. If you’re really lucky, you feel the board joins your agenda and helps you forward.

Some are in a sector association hearing the same issues, but few solutions.

That’s about it to have a sparring partner, let alone a colleague to whom you can resort.

CEO workation

We create 3-5 day workation sensations with CEO’s only, across sectors.

We open your eyes on ALL aspects of business: a vision, your strengths, a strategy, focus, team, planning. Water & wind build you relationships for life, creating opportunities to talk about wins and challenges from daily business and personal life. Not only on the trip, but also when you’re back in your day-to-day struggles, for life.

As a CEO it’s hard to be completely disconnected.

We work out a schedule where you get to work at least 1hr per day, but leave room for reflection, exercise, networking, learning new things about your business and those of colleagues. See your inner drives and those of fellow CEOs. Relate or reflect.

Become a better leader, a better company. We tailor make you the best work holiday experience ever, with lasting results.


Want to get better? Make your team better!

Happy with our way of working? Your management or board could use this/are interested as well? Wonder about teams’ dynamics? We tailor make experienced programs, also locally, from half a day to multiple days. Not just a day on the water/beach/… but really building the TEAM, such that results are sustained when they get back to their day-to-day jobs. We share how to build a winning team.

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